Hi, I’m Jennifer Mugrage.

It is my delight to bring you meaty prehistoric novels. I hope to do so for many years to come.

I spent my youth gallivanting around Southeast Asia with my husband, learning languages and crossing cultures, and writing anthropological and linguistic reports. Now I live in the Western United States and home school three active boys. My experiences with anthropology, travel, and motherhood inform my writing.

My first two books are out! The Long Guest and The Strange Land are the beginning of The Scattering Trilogy. You can read about them, and find links to buy them, on my Books page. You can sign up for e-mails on my Contact page. Or, feel free to poke around on the blog for rants and research.

Here’s What Readers are Saying about The Long Guest

“I could have a bias. But the fact is The Long Guest rocks.” –James

“The ability to describe each perspective and the emotion behind it reminds me of one my favorite authors, Anne Tyler.” –Liz

“I felt like one of the family. It really is that close and personal.” –S.D.

“It will make you cry out for more of this genre.” –Rachael

(Yes, That Is Charcoal Mixed with Oil on my Face in the Photo)

P.S. The photo was taken shortly after I attended a traditional funeral in Southeast Asia. A person was wandering around with a char-covered wok and a small jar of Vaseline. He would mix the two with his fingers and swipe the mixture on the mourners’ faces as a sign of grief. (Another person was wandering around giving mourners sips of a fiery homemade rice wine from a 6-oz glass.) Of course we took the photo afterward, outside, as we were leaving. We did not flash the big smile in the funeral itself.

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