Hi, I’m Jennifer Mugrage.

I spent my youth gallivanting around Southeast Asia with my husband, learning languages and crossing cultures, and writing anthropological and linguistic reports. Now I live in the Western United States and home school three active boys. My experiences with anthropology, travel, and motherhood inform my writing.

I have a trilogy in the works. The first novel, The Long Guest, is now on sale wherever books are sold (at least, online). The second, The Strange Land, will go on sale May 3, 2021. The third, The Great Snake, is still being drafted. Check back here for updates on the availability of my books and for entertaining blog posts about my research.

P.S. The photo was taken shortly after I attended a traditional funeral in SE Asia. A person was wandering around with a char-covered wok. He would swipe charcoal on the mourners’ faces as a sign of grief. (Another person was wandering around giving mourners sips of a fiery homemade rice wine from a 6-oz glass.) Of course we took the photo afterward, outside, as we were leaving. We did not flash the big smile in the funeral itself.