I Like Bears

When I was a kid, for many years bears were my favorite animal. Then I got to be a tween and they were edged out by the nobler lion … and then I was too old to have favorite animals any more.

But I still like bears.

They just have a certain something to them. That something where they are cute and funny, and can also kill you.

If you don’t show the proper respect, they will maul you.

They were once used as a judgment of God. (II Kings 2:23 – 25)

And yet. Hairy, roly-poly, eat a lot, sleep a lot … maybe they remind us of ourselves. Or they parody or excuse our vices.

A blogger I used to know has said that he and his siblings used bears as a unit of measure. It started out with, “I’m as hungry as a bear!” “Well, I’m as hungry as ten bears!” But then it became more abstract, until bears could be used to measure anything. I think this is delightful.

Still, please remember that they can kill you.

Here are a few bears that you might find around my home.

My bathroom
My coffee mug
Even, occasionally, my socks