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The Long Guest

The year is 10,000 B.C. All mankind was united in one project: to build a great city with a magnificent tower that reached to the heavens. But the tower fell; God confused their languages, and overnight, their world dissolved into unimaginable chaos.

Family groups, still tied by language, salvage what they can and flee to the countryside to survive. On the way, the family group of Enmer stumbles upon a highborn man, who does not speak their tongue. He lies paraplegic and near death, having survived a fall from the tower.

The matriarch of the family insists they save him; he is a human being, is he not? But he is also hateful, demanding, and useless. But if they don’t save him, who are they? And, if they do, he will leave them forever changed.

This sweeping epic starts at Babel and carries the action across the continent of Asia, even to the ends of the earth.

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The Strange Land

The year is around 10,000 B.C. As his tribe approaches the Land Bridge, thirteen-year-old Ikash longs for a better life beyond his three brothers, struggling mother, and abusive father. He wants to become a shaman like his adored older cousin Ki-Ki, who regularly walks in the spirit world. But when Ki-Ki consents to teach him, Ikash is not prepared for what he will find there.

In this epic sequel to The Long Guest, The Strange Land rejoins the tribe of Enmer, who a generation ago fled the collapse of the advanced civilization that had surrounded the Tower of Babel. Forced to re-invent their society, they have managed to survive the dark gifts of life, through their love, agonies, hope, and visions. But there are unexpected horrors in store for the People as they advance in to the strange new land.

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