Fall Knitting Picture: Sleeveless Cardigan

I worked on this all summer. It took a long time, because it’s oversized. I planned this project mainly to showcase the variety of coordinating colors, which were sold as a group at the yarn store. The color palette matched several items of clothing I already had. It can be worn with grey, green, gold, orange, or camel. Basically anything in the warm or cool neutral families. I ended up having to buy the coordinating yarn sets three times.

For the dimensions, I referred to a pattern for a bulky sweater with sleeves and a shawl collar, but just left those off. I began by knitting granny squares and then sewing them together, but as the work progressed, I found I had to pick up stitches on the end of finished squares and then just sew the sides together. I added a few rows of ribbing at the arm holes and neck, and a few more rows of ribbing along the bottom.

Here it is from the front. (This picture was taken on Halloween, hence the cave woman hairdo.)

Even with the ribbing, the sides and arm openings tend to roll in.

If only, before I began, I had come across this Pinterest video:

This is such a simple but brilliant way to join knitted squares.

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