No More Links on Wednesday

(most of the time)

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Out of Babel! My particular off-the-grid August brought a lot of changes: I’m starting a new job.

This new calling is one that should blend well with my other job of being a (still partly home schooling) mom and all-around housekeeper. I’m not sure what impact it’s going to have on blogging, since blogging is down on the priority list, below momming, Christianing, and supposedly below novel writing.

I’m well on my way to having posts scheduled for September and October, so that will be taken care of at least for a few months while I learn the ropes at New Job and how to integrate that with taking care of Old Jobs. There’s just one exception … I don’t have links lined up for Wednesdays.

Heretofore, I have posted a link on Wednesday. Usually they have to do with archaeology, but sometimes it’s psychology, theology, or humor. Well, no more. Something has to give, and this it. I might still throw you guys a bonus Wednesday link if I stumble upon one, but for the most part, all you’re going to get is regional or art pics on Monday, quotes on Thursday, and rants/writing updates/book reviews on Friday.

I’ll still check Out of Babel and respond to comments, and I still demand that you guys go out and buy my books. That’s it for now! Love you all … bye!

4 thoughts on “No More Links on Wednesday

  1. Jennifer, sometimes the challenge with creative people is that we have so many exciting ideas that we often find ourselves overwhelmed. This leads to frustration, trying to cover too many bases, and feeling that we’re not giving anything our full attention.

    It is great that you have recognized this. Devote yourself to your new job and cover the essentials. You can add links in your regular posts…if you wish. Or not.

    People often don’t realize just how much time is spent researching, preparing photos, writing, and uploading the posts. I tried doing a mid-week post for awhile and found myself dropping some other things that I’d rather be doing. I still do a weekly blog post, manage a website, three Etsy shops, Instagram, and have several Facebook accounts. Frankly, some of those things just don’t get the attention that they deserve. And…you are homeschooling, writing, gardening, to boot.

    Be kind to yourself. Look forward to your new job adventure. You can return to anything else at a later date if you want to. Good luck!

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