Idaho Wildflowers: Ball-Head Gilia (?)

I had a little trouble identifying these, as they are clearly yellow, whereas the Ball-Head Gilia described in my trusty Central Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Falcon Guide are “white and sometimes flecked with purple” (page 233). But everything else seems to fit.

This is Ipomopsis congesta, from the Phlox family (Polemoniaceae). It grows in “[d]ry, open places from the valleys and plains to the alpine zones” and “[s]everal varieties occur.”

One thought on “Idaho Wildflowers: Ball-Head Gilia (?)

  1. Ann

    I could be a different verity or it might be a plant related to Ball-Head Gilia. Offend times plants with similar characteristics are part of the same foamily.

    I’m not familiar with plants from the Rocky Mountains.

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