Gray Hair in Response to Stress

We’ve all heard the urban legends about someone’s hair turning grey or white overnight as a result of an intensely stressful event. I’m still looking for any documentation about this … or any scientific explanation of how it could happen. But I’ve heard enough anecdotal stories that I actually put this phenomenon into The Long Guest.

This article won’t tell you about that … but it does confirm that hair changes back and forth in response to your psychological state, as it grows slowly out of your head.

Please share in the comments if you have witnessed someone’s hair turning grey overnight … either from personal experience, or at one remove.

3 thoughts on “Gray Hair in Response to Stress

  1. Sadly, I have seen it happen. A young man about the age of my younger brother died in his mid 20’s. He was playing frisbee and just collapsed, I guess a blood clot got to his brain or something. Anyway, he was the only son of the family and the dad was already having a rough time due to some other circumstances. When that happened the father just collapsed and the next week when I saw him his hair had gone from black to gray/white. It was scary 😦

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