Just Let Them Bargain Themselves Down

“For American cowboy, special deal. Only five dollars.” The postcards were linked together, and the boy dropped them accordion-style. There were ten.

Another boy stepped forward. “I have better deal. You crazy to buy for five dollars.” The boys exchanged words in Turkish at fast forward, but Raif got the gist of it. Rival merchants.

“How much?” Raif said to the second boy.

“Four dollars,” said the second.

“His pictures bad quality,” said the first. Putting his packet forward again, he said, “Three dollars. Special deal.”

“I thought five dollars was a special deal,” Raif said.

Raif began to walk away. The boys kept pace, each bidding the other down. The first kid was down to ten for a buck.

White Out, by Robert Marcum, pub. 2000, pp. 315 – 316

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