More (Possible) Ancient Surgery

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Not for the squeamish.

Ancient surgical implant or modern-day fake? Peru skull leaves mystery.

Just a few (more) thoughts about ancient surgery.

I am fascinated, in theory, by what people are able to do with various kinds of technology. My upcoming book, The Great Snake, features a character who has spent the entire trilogy being called upon to do emergency surgeries on her extended family whenever something comes up. She has dealt with gouged eyes, lacerations, severe burns, miscarriages and C-sections, plus of course numerous births.

I can research and figure out what she would probably have had to do with the best of them.

In real life? Forget it.

A loved one recently had some emergency surgery without which she would probably have bled to death or worse. (Congratulations on your baby, Rachael!) Thank God we have medical professionals who know what they are doing. I would NOT know what to do in that situation. I wouldn’t know what to look for, or what I was looking at, and I would probably be petrified by the fact that someone’s life was in my hands and be totally unable to make any decisions. That’s if I didn’t faint. Again, thank God for cooler heads when we need them!

Tagging this “I’m a Luddite” … but am I really?

4 thoughts on “More (Possible) Ancient Surgery

  1. You’re not a luddite, you’re just not a specialist. Our society has become one fragmented by specialization. Which isn’t bad as long as we all semi-get along. But what happens when your medical specialist starts telling you things you KNOW aren’t true, and they refuse you service? And then later it is proven that the grounds they refused you service on was false?
    You’re going to die, that’s what 😉

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    1. Wellll …. I sort of AM a Luddite by temperament. But medicine is one area where we pay a heavy price for rejecting technology and trying to be completely self-sufficient.
      Yes, I too have lost trust in Big Med. Actually, even before 2020 I had some questions. If you’ve ever known anyone who took years to get a diagnosis and got gaslighted by their own service provider over something like PCOS or Lyme disease, you’ll know what I mean. My current philosophy is to try to find providers that I trust personally and develop long-term relationships with them. That’s always been the best way to get care, but it’s tricky especially for people who move a lot and with the insurance and billing jungle being what it is.

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