Amazon Unboxing

Yes, I know I am a bad girl for using Amazon.

I had … shall we say a number … of books I wanted to buy. I checked out prices on B&N. I would have been paying a lot more than on Amazon. Like, a lot more. And I’m Dutch-American and kind of cheap, what can I say?

The books are coming in several shipments. This is the first.

Live Not By Lies is one I’ve seen several people recommend. The books of Enoch keep showing up as primary sources in the reading I’ve been doing in secondary sources about giants and elohim and so forth, so I figured it might be just as well to own a copy.

4 thoughts on “Amazon Unboxing

    1. *puts on tinfoil hat*

      blah blah huge company blah ton of power benefitted from lockdowns blah blah
      blah bleh ESG blah pushing evil philosophy blah blah pulled the book Irreparable Damage blah won’t publish off-narrative books blah blah
      doot doot Blackrock doot doot New World Order blah blah some day your mailing address will be blacklisted and A won’t deliver there blah red pill blah rabbit hole blah vac sine cover-up blah blah Big Farmer doot doot blah blah blah

      *takes off tinfoil hat, dusts hands, satisfied look on face*

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