Teal Veyre Interviews Me

Teal Veyre is really interesting thinker whose blog I’ve been following for a few years now. (She’s the angry bespectacled cartoon gal on the left.) In this episode of her Viridescent Storms book podcast, she and I talk about dinosaurs, giants, utilitarianism, worldbuilding, and of course, The Lord of the Rings. Many of the topics are ones that faithful Out of Babel-ites will recognize, but with Teal’s unique perspective, it’s all fresh! Plus, you get to hear our voices. The interview with me takes up about the first 30 minutes, and then the Storms offer a tutorial on a program called Notion and how it can be used by indie authors.

I notice that so far, the video has only one like, which is of course disgraceful. Get over there and like it and club some sense into those YouTube algorithms!

9 thoughts on “Teal Veyre Interviews Me

  1. Here’s are two quotes from the person’s blog:
    her characters in their 20s act like boomers. Nothing wrong with boomers. I am friends with and respect many boomers
    ….Facebook….a 25 year old woman is posting on facebook…Criminey that gave me a headache. I’m 33 and facebook is too geriatric for ME.

    So boomer, feeling geriatric today?

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      1. Yes, Teal is opinionated, also intelligent, articulate, and very honest. That’s one reason I enjoy reading her rants, even when I strongly disagree. It’s been interesting to watch her positions change just over the few years that I’ve known her.

        And yes, I don’t know any other opinionated bloggers, do you? 😉

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    1. I’m an X-er and my parents are Boomers. I think they log on to Facebook once in a blue moon, to keep up with goings-on in the family. I’m not on FB because my X-er hubby very wisely didn’t want to jump on it when it was becoming popular. But my younger sibs (Millennials) are. So, I dunno. I think this whole “FB-is-for-old-folks” thing is a more recent development, possibly driven in part by the wish to portray off-narrative information as “conspiracy theories posted by your aunt on Facebook.” It also shows how quickly social media platforms morph in terms of their target audience and what uses they are put to. I mean, FB started out as a dating site, no?

      This is one reason among many that I don’t write contemporary novels. It’s so hard to keep the details current.

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      1. Facebook definitely did used to be for younger folks. I used it quite a lot in my young 20s. I started out on MySpace in my late teens than switched to Facebook around the same time that everyone else my age did. I used it on a regular basis for a while, but then the site demographics started to change. Almost everybody I know who uses it now is on the older side. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I know a lot of boomers who are awesome. I just find it annoying that Debbie Macomber can’t be bothered to write a realistic 25-year-old. I don’t dislike boomers. I dislike poor writing :/

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