This is Exactly How I Feel about my Cowboy Hat

“Why did you decide to be a cowboy?” she asked.

“There are no real cowboys anymore, just a lot of pickup drivin’ wanna-be’s.” He shrugged. “Me, I love the wilderness, horses, and saddle leather. They just sorta come together out here.” He removed his hat and stared at it. “This is just functional gear that goes with it all I suppose.”

White Out, by Robert Marcum, p. 24

… by which I mean it is practical for sunny, windy environments. Not that I have horses like he does.

2 thoughts on “This is Exactly How I Feel about my Cowboy Hat

  1. Chris Schallert, Idea Engine

    Keeps the rain and the sun and the dust off.
    Keeps the chicks coming. 😜
    I’ve been a stetson man since I was a child, best hat I know.

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