Sayers Quote: How Does One Think about Nothing?

If we propose to ourselves to “think about nothing,” we find we have engaged in a very difficult exercise. It does not seem to be quite the same as “not thinking about anything.” “Nothing” seems to remain nothing only as long as we refrain from thinking about it; any active thought is apt to turn it into a “sort of something” — it acquires, in fact, precisely that vague and disquieting sort of reality that we are accustomed to associate with the minus signs in algebra.

Dorothy Sayers, The Mind of the Maker, p. 98

This is part of a discussion of how evil could come to be, in a good universe created by a good God.

7 thoughts on “Sayers Quote: How Does One Think about Nothing?

  1. Benjamin Ledford

    Lawrence Krauss, in his proposal for the origin of the universe in “A Universe from Nothing,” seems to have solved the problem by neglecting to think about what he was actually proposing.

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