My Bucket List as it Currently Stands

  • tour the Yucatan Peninsula, visit Mayan ruins
  • visit the Burgess Shale beds in Canada, see the fossils
  • learn Dineh (Navajo)
  • do some plein-air painting in southern Utah and Arizona

Those are things that I might actually have a chance of doing. Now, here are some wilder fantasies:

  • visit Mongolia
  • visit the Holy Land, tour archaeological sites
  • visit Gobekli Tepe in Turkey
  • visit Ireland, Scotland, and the Faroes with special attention paid to sites such as old forts, caves, Pictish stones, and crannogs
  • visit amazing megalithic Incan and pre-Incan ruins in the Andes

People whose hands I’d like to shake:

  • Douglas Murray
  • Andrew Klavan
  • James Lindsay
  • Nancy Pearcey
  • Dr. Kurt Wise

If you can set any of this stuff up for me, let me know.

And yes, I know I could probably get online and at least get a start on Dineh.

10 thoughts on “My Bucket List as it Currently Stands

  1. I could travel with you. Yucatan and Burgess Shale would be on my Bucket List, if I had one. How about South Africa, where our genus first lived in caves? When I mentioned Wonderwerk Cave to a blogger friend, she actually visited! It is as glorious as I suspected.

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    1. Yeah, I’m not a big list person normally. Like, I don’t keep a formal TBR anywhere. But we just sort of hit critical mass where “things I’d like to do and might actually be able to” kept coming up, and I didn’t want to forget them … and they turned out to be pretty archaeology-heavy …
      I would read your list.

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