Quote of the Week: About Social Class

They drove past the grand old Victorian houses just beyond the center of town. There were understated wreaths on their painted doors. There were trimmed pines laced with white fairy lights standing erect on their snowed-over lawns. …

As they got farther from the main road, the houses became more modest. As the houses became more modest, the Christmas displays became more elaborate. Some of the homes were wholly outlined in blinking lights. Outside of one, a life-sized Santa Claus climbed into a sleigh with a full complement of reindeer. “Merry Christmas” flashed boldly in the window of another — as if it were a tavern, [Cameron] Winter thought.

When Christmas Comes, by Andrew Klavan, pp. 67 – 68

So where is your house on this continuum?

10 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: About Social Class

  1. BGCT2VA

    On our front lawn we have a silhouette manger scene of Mary, Joseph and the Infant Jesus in His crib. Also, at the other end of the yard, a lit group of a deer family – father,mother and baby fawn – nature’s own version of a nativity, I suppose. The front porch has garland wrapped pillars, and a pair of small Christmas trees by the front door. Festive and reflective of Christmas. No blow-ups or Santas.

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