Neanderthal Woman Goes to the Mall

She was mostly there for this book store.

But she also saw “Santa,” who was supervising a model train display.

She attended a book signing …

… posing on the table, and then patiently waiting out the rest of the day inside a giant purse.

The replica spearheads to her right, by the way, drew some people to the table. They would pick them up, and then inevitably start talking about their father’s, or their own, collection of arrowheads.

But some people bought books.

Neanderthal Woman had a good time.

Addendum: Now, with permission to share her picture, I can tell you that my recruiting professional sister came to hang out and help me set up:

8 thoughts on “Neanderthal Woman Goes to the Mall

    1. Oh yes, I forgot to mention … Eborn is a really good used book store! It carries hard-to-find Mormon material, but also tons of really old editions of different books: classics, sci-fi, fantasy, pulp fiction. It has the bibliophile’s dream: bins of books for 99 cents, or three for a dollar. Besides what is on the the shelves. I would recommend it for browsing, but you don’t live anywhere near SLC.


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