Knitted Stuff: Ponchos

My knitting is not to be compared to some of my fellow knitting/book bloggers, like BookWyrmKnits. The stuff she posts is just jaw-dropping.

This knitting project, on the other hand, is about the easiest gift you can make for a little girl (or three) if you just have basic knitting skills. For each poncho, I simply knit two identical rectangles, then sewed them together in the poncho shape. I used super-chunky yarn, large needles, and cast on 25 stitches for the larger ponchos (which fit a school-aged child) and 20 stitches for the smaller poncho (which I hope will be the right size for a preschooler). They are in garter stitch, which means I knit on the right side and the wrong side, instead of purling on the wrong side, which would have produced stocking stitch. The only thing I did that was slightly challenging was to use a different color of yarn for the border.

Ponchos are pretty forgiving (no tailoring), and if you have mastered the mechanics of knitting well enough to make a scarf, then you can also knit a poncho. You can add tassels to the corners (or the entire edge) using a crochet hook, but for this project, I didn’t feel the need.

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