Terrifying Quote of the Week

[The megachurch’s] ads extolling the virtues of flexibility in changing times, adaptability in the face of difficulties, and going-with-the-flowness in the event that your church was ever caught in a flash flood of scandal, were ads that were hip, ironic, self-effacing, detached, and exuded a coolness unto death.

Evangellyfish, by Douglas Wilson, p. 202

5 thoughts on “Terrifying Quote of the Week

    1. Yeah, I have never attended a megachurch, and never plan to.

      That said, I certainly know that the kind of thing this satire portrays, happens. Any community that is big enough, is bound to have sexual misconduct in its midst, including sexual predators. And any organization that is big and powerful enough is going to experience a strong temptation to CYA. And even if there are people who do not want C (their) A, it is very difficult to handle an abuse case with any degree of wisdom, let alone in a way that people don’t get hurt. That’s why this kind of thing happens everywhere, not just in churches. The most recent example is in a school district and it’s even more egregious.

      But I mostly just posted this quote because I liked the phrase “a coolness unto death.”

      I was once in an organization that urged its employees to be “flexible,” and that phrase was sort of a catch-all for putting up with a bunch of poor management (though not scandals).

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