Quote: Don’t Worry, This is Totally Natural

“Childbirth is natural, and not an event that has to be conducted in a hospital. I am here to help women understand how natural this is. But I will have to go in just a moment. How may I help you?”

Rourke had delivered at least three babies in the back seats of cars and taxi cabs, and thought he was qualified to assert that there was nothing whatever that was natural about it. It was the craziest thing in the world. Women were the kind of people that people came out of, for crying out loud, and he thought it was the kind of thing best monitored by world-class doctors and sophisticated electronic gear, maintained closely by teams of nurses with graduate degrees in astrophysics. But that was just his opinion.

Evengellyfish, by Douglas Wilson, pp. 86 – 87

6 thoughts on “Quote: Don’t Worry, This is Totally Natural

    1. Yeah, I feel the same way and I have delivered three!
      Being responsible for someone else in a medical emergency just sounds incredibly stressful. So many things can go wrong that are totally outside your control and beyond your knowledge.

      But I know a guy who delivered a baby on a boat dock after having flown the woman out of the jungle on his float plane as an emergency evac. He asked someone for a cigarette lighter, used it to sterilize his pocket knife, and cut the umbilical cord. Then they got mom & baby to the local hospital. The parents named the baby after him.
      So maybe you would do OK.

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