4 thoughts on “A Very Big Cat

    1. Benjamin Ledford

      Posted too soon. This is the line:
      “There’s a very interesting pattern of either repeated independent evolution on every continent of this giant body size in what remains a pretty hyper-specialized way of hunting, or we have this ancestral giant saber-toothed cat that dispersed to all of those continents. It’s an interesting paleontological question.”

      That he would even suggest that a random, unguided process would produce the same animal on multiple continents… I mean, that’s ludicrous. It shows how, apart from whatever evidence there may be, “Evolution” is a sort of magic power in our modern, “scientific” worldview. Even for scientists studying it.

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      1. Yeah true. If your premise is that all variety, specialized organs, etc., is a result of macroevolution rather than design, then you are forced to posit “convergent evolution” of different creatures in similar circumstances. In fact, it’s almost a tautology.


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