Happy Birthday Book/Happy Birthday Dad!

It’s my book’s birthday! Here is The Strange Land‘s back cover. In the spirit of birthday, I have given the bear a lollipop and a party hat. (Hey … it’s better than some other things she could be eating!)

Hope this is not too silly for you. I just figured that faithful blog readers have already seen so many pictures of The Strange Land leading up to today’s release date.

Now you can buy The Strange Land on Amazon or on Bookshop. And, if you have already pre-ordered it (thankyouthankyouthankyou), it should start shipping out to you soon.

If it happens that you have not read the first book in the series, The Long Guest, you can buy it here or here and read it as a prequel. (I decided not to photoshop a birthday hat onto Nimri. You are welcome.)

The release date for The Strange Land was chosen in honor of my father, who turns 70 in conjunction with the book coming out. Happy Birthday, Dad! I am a natural reader and probably would have discovered books without your influence, but luckily, we never had to find out whether that would be the case. Instead, your gift for languages, sense of humor, love for literature and the extremely print-rich environment you provided were perfectly in line with my gifts and interests and gave me a huge leg up on eventually becoming an author, not to mention many hours of culture and enjoyment, and a safe environment in which to develop. It is safe to say that without you, the world would never have been introduced to the universe of the Scattering Trilogy. Now you are 70, which in the world of the Scattering means you are barely middle-aged. May you live to be 130, like Nimri. I love you!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Book/Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. Happy Birthday to your latest work! And Happy Birthday to your clearly wonderful father. He must be so happy and proud, and loving the tribute of this awesome book coming out on his special day. Congratulations to the whole circle!

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  2. Happy birthday to your work and to your dad!

    I just introduced you to Jacqui, who also writes in prehistoric settings. Her blog ishttps://worddreams.wordpress.com/2021/05/03/excerpt-from-survival-of-the-fittest/

    when thinking of the land bridge, have you read Craig Childs?

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    1. Thanks for the good wishes and for connecting me with a fellow prehistoric author! I will follow up.

      No, I have not read Craig Childs. I just now visited his web site, and it looks good. I have dipped my toe in North American archaeology just enough to know it’s horribly contentious and that my speculative approach would probably give hives to the archaeologists, especially as they are already giving hives to each other.

      As far as prehistoric peoples, I’ve read Jean M. Auel of course; Graham Hancock; and some others. In my experience it can be difficult to find fiction about the prehistoric world that doesn’t get into aliens and telepathy and stuff like that.

      As far as the Anasazi, I have a book about the Anasazi by Kathleen and Michael O’Neal Gear that I need to get back to. I’ve read Thunderhead by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child; Collapse by Jared Diamond, which profiles different societies that mysteriously fell apart, including the Anasazi; and the novels of Tony Hillerman, which are set in Navajo country in modern times.

      You can find out more about my rather eclectic sources on my Research page.


    1. Jacqui, thanks for connecting! I am working on getting the books into e-format. First I will do The Long Guest, then when enough funds come in I’ll e-publish The Strange Land. I hope to bring The E-Guest (so to speak) out within the next few months. When I do, I’ll announce it on this blog, and you can also get notified of it if you sign up for my mailing list via my contact page. At that point it will be sold alongside the print version on sites like Amazon.

      Jeff has given me the address of your blog, so I’ll have to check out your work as well! We prehistoric authors gotta stick together. 😉

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      1. I just clicked follow so I get the announcement. The book looks great so I’m excited to read it.

        Yes, you can find my books on my blog. The sidebar has links to them in Amazon, print or digital. I’m on KU so they’re even free if you are also. We are a small group–prehistoric fiction writers–so let’s stay in touch!

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