9 thoughts on “Nuh-uh.

  1. Benjamin Ledford

    Another case of a misleadingly inaccurate title.

    The article says this is a projected speed “during unhurried walking,” and “muscles — as well as side-to-side motions — are not considered.”

    From the end of the article: “Maximum running speed for a T. rex is thought to be in the range of 10 to 25 mph,” however “However, a flexible tail could change that by acting as a shock damper during running, allowing it to run faster without breaking its bones.”

    So no, you’re not going to outrun it, even if they prefer a leisurely stroll when they’re not chasing LiveScience writers.

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    1. Yeah, I thought it was telling that the article pointed out this is only considering one dimension of its stride. I think the title is super irresponsible. I mean, what if someone only reads the headline and then when the t-rex shows up, they don’t bother to hop in the Jeep?

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