Want to join my e-mail list?

All the big authors have them.

You already follow my blog — for which thank you. This e-mail list is just so that I can let you know directly whenever a new thing becomes available from the Scattering Trilogy universe. Examples: The Strange Land comes out, the e-book or audiobook version of The Long Guest comes out. I will not e-mail you with random thoughts. That is what the blog is for.

Success! You're on the list.

8 thoughts on “Want to join my e-mail list?

    1. Hi Fran! So, I am still a complete noob at this, but I did check all my settings on both the WordPress end and the Mailchimp end to the best of my ability, and everything seems to be working. I also contacted tech support, and they tested the sign-up button and got a success message as well. So, all I can say is, maybe try again? I’m sorry you got an error message. If you keep getting errors, you can “sign up” manually by e-mailing me through the normal contact button my contact page and asking me to add you to my list.

      Again, sorry about this.

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  1. Jenn! I found you! It’s Kelli Buzzard from of old. SOOO glad I googled your name today. You have been on my mind lately. I was just telling my mom how brilliant you are and voila, I learn that you are a writer of wonderful BOOKS.

    Hope to reconnect.

    Kelli B

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    1. The first time someone comments on my blog, the comment doesn’t post until I approve it. After that, the blog allows your comment to show up right away. So, I apologize if maybe you thought your first message didn’t get through.

      Since you joined my list, I should be able to send you an e-mail. Thanks for reconnecting!



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