A Confused Bird

The sign clearly says that “Into the Wild” is to the right. Yet he is facing left.

He got in to our house through the woodstove pipe, possibly under the mistaken impression that it would be a good place to nest. He bumped around inside the pipe for about 24 hours. Then, when I was sure he had died, my son opened the stove and out he came! He was so shocked by his experiences that I was able to pick him up in my hand and let him outside.

2 thoughts on “A Confused Bird

    1. Yes, it might be a starling. Definitely a bigger bird than I was picturing as I listened to it bump around inside the pipe. Of course, my other theory was a squirrel …

      I have never been up on our roof to examine our vent pipe closely, but you are right, clearly someone should. 😉


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