Coincidentally Thematic Book Haul

Notice how about half of them are about mountain men and the American West? And the other half are about: Scotland, gnomes, language, and “The All-Beef Cookbook.” Seems like a haul tailor-made for me, no?

Guess where this came from.

A friend, who works at the library, showed up with a pipe-smoke-scented box of books that were being thrown out.

That’s right.

This haul was selected for my reference library by God Himself.

Also, the photograph of a nameless old shack was in the box too.

16 thoughts on “Coincidentally Thematic Book Haul

  1. I am not surprised. My local library isn’t taking new donations, the used bookstore isn’t taking new inventory. Both are because of covid fear and, for the bookstore, not selling enough.

    It is a weird world we live in when books can be thrown out without blinking…

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      1. I don’t think there are too many of those. If, and I’m assuming you mean, people who collect ALL books, not just rare, first editions of books worth money. I’ve been trying to get rid of books on Craigslist and not a bite in 3 months.

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        1. Wow, really? I want to keep all the books when I can. Of course, I currently live in a rented farmhouse and you’re in an apartment, so maybe space is the issue.

          No, I wasn’t talking of rare book collectors. That’s a different world for sure. Although my dad has been known to make multiple international phone calls in order to track down a particular scholarly work.

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          1. Space is definitely an issue for us. Being on the 3rd floor means any move is going to be heavy. That and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be so reading paper books isn’t appealing.

            I think the most I’ve spent on a book was $150. Never do that again.

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  2. Benjamin Ledford

    That’s a pretty neat book stand you’ve got there, too. You can also sit on it when you’re deciding whether to give mercy to conquered Gauls.

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