Medieval People were More Cosmopolitan than You Think

Medieval Chinese coin found in England suggests a vast medieval trade route

subtitle of the article: “A recent discovery dating to the 11th century offers hints of a world that was more connected than previously thought.”

Somebody, please, please write a novel about an Irishman who travels to China in the 1200s.

4 thoughts on “Medieval People were More Cosmopolitan than You Think

  1. Benjamin Ledford

    That’s pretty neat. Have you read “Byzantium” by Stephen Lawhead? It’s about an Irish monk who is tasked to bring the Book of Kells to the patriarch of Constantinople and of course his journey leads him all over Europe. Not to China, though.

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    1. YES! I love that book. I think I borrowed it from you, actually. Was going to mention it in this post, but I had forgotten the name of the title and author.
      That scene when the Vikings “invade” Byzantium and Aidan is translating for them is pretty funny.

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