Prescient Quote of the Week

Applies equally well to 2021 as to this kid’s situation.

And, of course, it’s by The Klavan.

I tried to think. It wasn’t easy. My mind felt like a jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces scrambled. The bright clarity of those moments before I’d been put up against the church wall — that was totally gone. I had left the bright moment of my death behind and was back in life, back in the world. And the world, let me tell you, was a mess, absolute confusion.

For another half second or so, I continued to sit there in my stunned stupidity. Everything had changed so quickly, I was still having a hard time taking it in. I mean, one second you’re standing against the wall in front of a firing squad, suddenly realizing that life is beautiful and that you should’ve appreciated everything more and been kinder to everyone — and the next second you’re rattling around in the back of a van, racing to get out of town. And suddenly life isn’t beautiful at all! It’s nuts! Everything’s wild and confusing around you …

Andrew Klavan, If We Survive, pp. 121-2, 125

17 thoughts on “Prescient Quote of the Week

  1. Chris Schallert, Idea Engine

    Fascinating find!
    It reminds me of a quote from Robert Jordan’s series “the Wheel of Time.”
    “Duty is heavier than a mountain. Death is lighter than a feather.”

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  2. How does one go about getting a “The” attached to their name? The Bookstooge would look lovely in my Name Department alongside Dr Bookstooge, Lord Bookstooge and even Dr Lord Bookstooge. The Dr Lord Bookstooge, now THAT is a name!

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    1. Well I am sure there are many ways. You might be close.

      In Klavan’s case, he had to write a bunch of crime novels, do a funny podcast each week, and then when the pandemic came along, point out that he is 70 years old and so our top priority with all our ridiculous masking and shutdown efforts should be to Save The Klavan.

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