8 thoughts on “Well, There’s My Problem

  1. I really like this. I believe that we can think of “parts” of things at a time, but it’s very difficult for us to “encompass” what the universe or God, is – even things that play dual purposes in our lives like cars with stereos in them. Even MAYBE a better example, since I am still trying to understand God, constantly even, the better example is that the universe’s or God’s complete thought could MAYBE never be even slightly comprehended by a human, only tiny slices at a time, and rightfully so. A computer having a complete thought about a human proves to be a very complicated thing at best.

    Now, I have a question: Could someone ever be perceived as being “unintelligent” or a worse word is “stupid”, when they are very smart, because people can’t or maybe choose not to try to understand and instead lean on a “easy” crutch of labeling that person in an “easy” way of being “weird” or “stupid” or which ever negative connotation they choose?

    Thanks for this thought provoking post. Excellent start to my day along with seeing my baby from afar and talking to Misty. 🤠

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    1. What a lot of thoughts this spurred! I am glad it brightened your day, though nothing could do so as much as the sight of your very own baby.

      Of course people cannot comprehend God, and it’s interesting to see people get upset, sometimes very upset, when doctrines like the Trinity or the eternal self-existence of God do not make sense to them.

      I do firmly believe that God’s offer to us of peace with Him is NOT dependent on some kind of IQ cutoff. The idea that children, or severely regarded adults, cannot “understand” enough to receive the Good News, I believe is a dangerous slippery slope. We need only imagine ourselves from the point of view of a superintelligent alien race, or of angels, or even of the human geniuses of history, and ask if they would think we “understand” enough to come to God. And yet, we know we can.

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    1. And yet, we always think that we can and MUST think of everything. Especially as parents, when it is so urgent. The monks are fortifying their religious school building to protect a bunch of disabled children from a paranormal threat.


      1. It’s actually just an old rock song by Warren Zevon that has been done by several other other artists. It was released in ’79 I think and you can still hear it on the radio today.
        Here’s a youtube video from when Zevon performed it in the 80’s.


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