Awesome Regional Artist Alert

Aaron Barrettt, Stone Bear, Rigby, Idaho.

Check out that carved antler! It is awesome! It reminds me of those amazing mammoth tusks that Chinese artists will spend decades carving into elaborate scenes.

Also, the artist … standing beside a life-sized grizzly that he carved … holding his baby son? I am getting serious The Strange Land vibes here. Oh, wait … most of you haven’t read it yet … soon, soon.

This art is so local that I might be able to visit it in person. If I do, I’ll give you a report.

2 thoughts on “Awesome Regional Artist Alert

  1. Benjamin Ledford

    That’s beautiful work. I find good representational art so refreshing. I think it’s because in my day to day work, I’m continually fighting for the simplest hand-crafted details, and always being asked to accept subpar craftsmanship or approximate our intent with off-the-shelf products.

    I would love to incorporate something like this into a building design. Even to have him carve something that we could use to make a mold for a cast stone element. Thanks for sharing.

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