Misanthropic Morse II: Not a Medical Doctor

“You’re not a ‘medical’ doctor, sir?” asked Morse [of the suspect].

“No. I just wrote a Ph.D. thesis –you know how these things are.”


“Promise not to laugh?”

“Try me.”

“‘The comparative body-weight of the great tit within the variable habitats of its North European distribution.'”

Morse didn’t laugh.

Original research, was that?”

“No other kind, as far as I know.”

“And you were examined in this?”

“You don’t get a doctorate otherwise.”

“But the person who examined you — well, he couldn’t know as much as you, could he? By definition, surely?”

She, actually. It’s the — well, they say it is — the way you go about it — your research.”

Colin Dexter, The Way Through the Woods: An Inspector Morse Mystery, 1992, pp. 173 – 174

6 thoughts on “Misanthropic Morse II: Not a Medical Doctor

    1. *smiles*

      There has been a big hoo-ha in the media recently over whether a Ph.D. can call themselves Doctor if they are not an MD.

      As someone who once spent time in academic circles, I think this is normal.

      Others disagree.

      If you have been unaware of this controversy … Lucky you!

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  1. Monty D Ledford

    Further on doctorates–
    I at one time was adjunct professor at a theological school in Salt Lake City. Remember the wide-spread interest in The Passion of the Christ film? Our school sponsored several public lectures about the film at a venue at Westminster College in Salt Lake. I had one of the lectures, and the moderator mistakenly introduced me as “Dr. Ledford”. The easiest degree I ever attained!

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