Yes, Virginia, There Is A … Wyoming

Ready for the latest fun conspiracy theory?

Wyoming doesn’t exist.

This theory uses the simple but brilliant logic that unless you have first- or second-hand experience with a thing (in this case, a state), then you cannot really accept it as proved. First-hand experience is demanded in the question: “Have you ever been to Wyoming?” Second-hand experience: “Do you know anyone from Wyoming?”

Delightfully, “One definition of Wyoming in the online Urban Dictionary says the Cowboy State is a fictional place and that people who try to drive north over the border will find themselves mysteriously transported to Canada, confused and sans clothing” (ibid). So, it’s a sort of Wyoming Triangle. This tickles me even more because, What about Montana? Montana is between Wyoming and the Canadian border. Do the conspirators not realize this? Is Montana so obscure that it doesn’t even get its own conspiracy?

Well, I am happy to tell you kids, that Wyoming does exist. I know because I live in its equally obscure neighboring state of Idaho. Wyoming is actually only a few hours from me, and if I drive an hour north, I can see the mountains on the border.

For further proof, here are myself and Mr. Mugrage (cropped out for privacy) standing in Wyoming, overlooking Jackson Hole (note the sign), on a big anniversary recently. The whole picture is in Wyoming, but for those who need extra proof, I have an added an arrow that helpfully points to Wyoming.

It’s cooold in Wyoming!

Finally, here is a trailer for a movie that is set in Wyoming:

At last, a conspiracy theory that I can personally put to rest. This might be the first (and, possibly, last) one.

17 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, There Is A … Wyoming

  1. Chris Schallert, Idea Engine

    The subjectivist will protest, “Well, it exists for you, but not for me!” And once I got over the shock of someone saying that, I replied, “if there wasn’t a thing that exists, what would be there to be experienced?”

    Also, Wyoming is such an intimidating state for a Midwestern boy like me, but it does exist. I was through there this summer. Beautiful existence.

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    1. S.D. McKinley

      Well . . . I’ve determined that Montana is, as a matter of factly, suspect. All jokes aside, I’m going to get to the bottom of this one. It’s Kansas that blew away years ago and if you live in California, learn to swim!

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      1. S.D. McKinley

        Yeah, I can be a squirrel sometimes, then I climb the tree and yell at my God wife and she feeds me crackers. It’s better then ending up as Trent Reznor’s horse.

        Now, back on subject, for me at least. I read the AP article on this, now I’m cancelling them all together:

        “Still, there are some who sincerely believe the state does not exist.” How do you qualify that proclamation? The original “George” is rolling over in his grave right now.

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  2. LOL. We spent the first six years of marriage in Wyoming and my son was born there, so if it doesn’t exist, neither does he. Therefore, that man now teaching PE to elementary students in Alaska would only be a figment of their imagination. P.S. We went to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole on our honeymoon, so I think it’s the perfect place to visit for a special anniversary. Hope you had fun.

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    1. Well, that settles it then, Wyoming is real. No PE teacher can be a figment of our imaginations because I would never make myself do calisthenics.

      Yes, we did have fun. Besides the natures, we saw some beautiful regional art. I’ve long loved this part of the world, but never expected I’d get to live here. It does feel like cheating though, as I don’t ranch, hunt, or fish. At least, not thus far. I’m glad you got to enjoy the region too.

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  3. S.D., you lost me with the squirrel stuff. I have no idea what that was apropos of.

    Re: those who “sincerely believe,” I have a lot of sympathy with sincere believers in some conspiracy theories … But this seems like a really trivial one to hang their credibility on.

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    1. S.D. McKinley

      I hear you on that part about the conspiracy believers. There’s a ton of variables out there to work with, which I think could possibly lead to some of these disillusionments or even some with a bit or more of truth in them. As for the sympathy part, I’m sure I don’t absolutely fully understand where you are coming from, but I can definitely see where sympathy would be an appropriate and leveling reaction to a claim like some of the ones I’ve heard and especially to someone who truly believes them. 🀠

      Yep. A squirrel is someone who has trouble staying on subject and goes off on a tangent, kinda like how they run around in different directions really fast. Real talk, we love all animals in our household, even Trent Reznor’s horse which has pretty much no proverbial weight to it at all, being a YouTube handle that I saw and laughed at the other day and has no affiliation with me, that’s for sure. 😁

      I didn’t mean to control the conversation, so to speak, after all, I’m in your domain right now. 🀠

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      1. Never apologize. I love long comments.

        I meant intellectual sympathy more than emotional sympathy, meaning I can sort of think myself into their point of view, or imagine how believing in (aliens, whatever) could make sense from within. However, I can’t muster this intellectual sympathy for “Wyoming doesn’t exist,” unless we are going to be *radically* skeptical about *everything* outside our personal experience.

        I now understand your squirrel reference. Thanks for clarifying.

        Merry Christmas!

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