Misanthropic Quote of the Week, from MawMaw

Teenaged J.D. goes to see his beloved grandmother, MawMaw, in the hospital where she has pneumonia. J.D. knows that older people often die of pneumonia.

J.D.: Are you going to die?

MawMaw: I don’t know.

[repeat several times]

J.D.: Just tell me. Are you going to die in here?

MawMaw: I don’t goddamn know.

J.D.: People know. Some people do.

MawMaw: No they don’t.

J.D.: Native Americans.

MawMaw: They’re called Indians, like the Cleveland Indians. And they don’t know, any more than other people. They’re not magic, just ’cause they don’t have microwaves.

from Hillbilly Elegy, on Netflix

9 thoughts on “Misanthropic Quote of the Week, from MawMaw

    1. Thanks. I followed the link and I think I fixed it.
      I never understood Gravatar before. When I click on someone’s icon and end up on their Gravatar page, usually the page is empty and I can’t get to their blog. So I just thought Gravatar was useless.


  1. It might become available some time.
    It’s taking flak from the critics for having a sympathetic view of working-class Appalachian white people, so it’s nice that it is still up on Netflix. Apart from its being a good film, I “voted” for reality by watching it.


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