Another Bear Encounter, This One Real

California man punches 350-pound bear in the face to save beloved dog

Wow. So this guy is a hero!

Granted, 350 pounds is kind of on the small side for an adult brown bear. But still!

The man, Kaleb Benham, saw his dog Buddy in the jaws of a bear. He flipped out, ran at the bear, “tackled it and grabbed it by the throat and started hitting it in the face and eye until it let go.”

The odd thing is that the article doesn’t say what the bear did after it “let go.” That would be my natural next question. We can assume that it ran away, since the article updates us on Buddy’s injuries but does not mention any injuries to Benham.

Apparently, King David (you know, of Israel) used to do this kind of thing, before he was king, back when he was a shepherd boy. He’s been known to strike a bear that was carrying off a sheep. (I Samuel 17:34 – 37)

I am incredibly impressed.

11 thoughts on “Another Bear Encounter, This One Real

  1. In the world of Bookstooge, the bear turned around and ate the man. And the dog ran away, which is why they can report on it’s “getting better”.
    Sadly, we don’t live in Bookstoogelandia. More’s the pity 😉

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