6 thoughts on “Who Says Neanderthals Don’t Celebrate Christmas?

  1. S.D. McKinley

    I know some people that put their Christmas tree inside of a doorknob. S.D. doesn’t mind, although your comment got me thinking, “Did Neanderthals have religion?”. I then found out about Totemism and realized they wore their Christmas tree on their head in the form of a mask:


    By the way, I have no idea about Britannica’s values . . . are they still disgruntled at Wikipedia?

    So, along with spirit animals and clubs, I’m sure they had a great time. 😀

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    1. I don’t understand the part about the doorknob, but I definitely appreciate the rest of your comment!

      The idea that totemism was the original religion of humankind is, in IMO, part of the whole notion of human mental and physical evolution, and of early humans as “primitive,” that I have an issue with. Totemism certainly exists – in modern groups as well – and it is very interesting, but the idea that it pre-dates any notion of a creator is pure speculation, dictated by the researchers’ pre-existing world view and not by the evidence. We will deal more with the development of totemism, and how it can exist or grow up alongside belief in the creator, in my second novel, The Strange Land. And we will have a post about the origins of the Christmas tree on Friday.

      I know nothing about Britannica vs. Wiki, sorry. I use Wiki when I know something but don’t have the physical source at my fingertips to cite it, and to point me on to key words that I can then use for further research. I also use it to research the flora and fauna of places I am writing about, as there is often good zoological information and pictures.

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      1. S.D. McKinley

        Ah! That’s great insight. 😄

        In regards to the doorknob, there has been certain people that have great trouble in believing in God, for a number of different reasons. The doorknob is used as an example of value in having a belief that there is something greater than yourself, known as a “higher power”. Often times when people are having trouble believing in God, it could be useful to recommend that even if they hold a picture in their mind that the door knob is actually a “higher power” and greater than oneself, it can serve as a “gateway to God” so-to-speak.

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