My Wish for You: A Welcome Distraction

So, tomorrow is election day in the United States. It’s going to be hell for everyone.

But don’t be sad, because The Long Guest goes on sale today!

So, strap on your face mask and your riot gear, venture out and vote … and then come home and curl up with a hot beverage and a book about an apocalypse you can enjoy. Leave everything else in the hands of God.

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16 thoughts on “My Wish for You: A Welcome Distraction

    1. There is no e-book yet. I am working on formatting it for e-publication, but … let’s just say it’s a learning curve.
      I do still have some ARC copies. Message me with a mailing address, and I’ll eat the cost of shipping and send you one myself. It may take a little longer to arrive if cost forces me to send it book rate.

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        1. Well, I can’t be positive until I go to the Post Office and try to send it, but I think this should be perfectly possible. After all, people used to send me packages from the States when I lived in SE Asia. And we all prefer hard copy to e-book, right? And I know you will probably give me a review.

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          1. Thanks!
            Yes, we are not supposed to put our e-mail address on our site, because a trawling bot could scoop it up and steal our identity or something like that. It’s my first name dot my last name at gmail dot com, or you can use the contact button on the sidebar, which will take you to a contact form.

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