Heart-Warming Link About A Toad

The Wyoming Toad lives only in Wyoming. It was once thought to be extinct in the wild, but now it is coming back, thanks to a large number of people who have been working on it for ten years. This team includes the City of Laramie, private landowners, Fish and Game, University of Wyoming, and several zoos and wildlife organizations.

I find it heartwarming that large numbers of people, who are clearly superior in every way to toads, would devote so much time and effort to save this ordinary-looking toad. Some of them have donated land. Others have invested their entire careers in this little animal. Clearly, they love the toad just because it exists, not because it does anything special for them.

8 thoughts on “Heart-Warming Link About A Toad

  1. Em @ The Geeky Jock

    Frogs and toads are so amazing — and, so crucial to a healthy ecosystem! (I have a frog that lives below my window, who I absolutely adore!)

    Fact: Did you know that frogs don’t have diaphragms?

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    1. Sounds like you are among the toad and frog lovers. I salute you!
      I have known a few frogs myself.
      And don’t worry, I’m not arguing they are not an important part of the web of life. (I mean, what isn’t?)
      I just think the fact that people care a lot about preserving rare species that are native to a small area, says something nice about people. Especially when that species looks more or less like all the others.
      I don’t know enough about amphibians to be impressed by frogs not having diaphragms. For all I know, only us mammals have ’em. Does make me wonder how they manage to inflate that throat sac, though. 🙂

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