A Quote from a “Big Girl”

Life on a diet is linear. You begin, you lose weight, and you’re done. Then it’s on to the mythical “maintenance” mode (which is also dieting, but for eternity. Congratulations?).

We call fat people lazy. They’re not. Fat people are zealous. They will cleave and push and fight harder than anyone. No one works harder on anything than a fat person works on a diet they believe will make them thin. They’re not stupid, either… At eighteen, I could have written a thesis on calorie content and ketones and insoluble fiber, in iambic pentameter if you wanted. They’re not fat for lack of knowledge or effort. Some fat people become fat for a reason (medical, emotional, environmental). Others were simply born to be larger than you might like them to be. But all those chronic fat dieters are fatter for the dieting.

Kelsey, Miller, “Big Girl,” pp. 18, 83

6 thoughts on “A Quote from a “Big Girl”

        1. I’m currently on WW and while it is wicked slow I am moving in the right direction. Covid put me back big time though 😦

          My parents tried the Eat Right but I never could get beyond that you needed to know your blood type to make it work. Seemed like a lot of work on my end 🙂

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    1. I’m reading her book, which is a diet-related memoir, and I thought these passages were really well put.
      Like most women, I’ve always been fatter than I’d like to be, and I find that these misconceptions she describes are really common.


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