Captain Obvious Looks at the Vikings

Check out this “surprising” finding …

Vikings may not be who we thought they were, DNA study finds

… Well, that kind of depends. Who did we think they were?

In the article, “who we thought they were” is a complete straw man where “we” thought that every single Viking was tall, blond and blue-eyed, and all of one monolithic genetic stock.

In fact, even before the age when they spread out across Europe, apparently the Vikings had genetic admixtures from Southern Europe. Also, some people who were not ethnically Viking were given Viking burials.

In other words, people move around a lot and intermarry with each other. And they influence each other culturally.

Also, no large ethnic group is genetically monolithic.

What a surprising finding.

14 thoughts on “Captain Obvious Looks at the Vikings

        1. Oh, my gosh, that was great!!! Thank you so much for posting that! THIS is why I can’t speak French!
          Also, I love that they included Tintin.

          Now, here’s one from English:
          “Dead-headed Ed had edited it.”

          And one from Indonesian:
          “Kuku-kuku kaki kakakku kaku.”
          Meaning “My older sibling’s toenails are stiff.”

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  1. Em @ The Geeky Jock

    Sigh. I’m sure this finding is really important in the world of Anglo Saxon research … but, for those of us who aren’t experts, it feels like a bit of a “no duh” conclusion.

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  2. There is a legend that the ‘Vikings’ came marauding up the steep paths from Kinghorn Harbour but were slaughtered by the ‘Scots’ . Recent theories are that, because parts of England were at the time under Danish rule, that it wasn’t the ‘Vikings’ but the English. Of course, in todays world this theory is very popular with the Scots!!!

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