How Strange Was It?

Was it merely dark and ominous, but kind of normal?

Did it have this freaky rainbow pool that you couldn’t even tell what it was?

Or was it … both?

Faithful blog readers will know that this is my third (count ’em) cover draft for The Strange Land. And now, I am going to have to stop for while. Between the learning curve of teaching myself how to format The Long Guest for publishing, and the need to start school soon, I am fairly going crazy here.

You may notice that I have put a trilogy name on this cover draft. That’s at the suggestion of a librarian friend. Apparently, multiple interlocking series of books are hard to shelve unless they have distinctive series names and numbers. This would be a problem if I call them all “A Tale out of Babel.” And I’m thinking I don’t need that for this series, since the publishing company is already called Out of Babel.

So, as drafted, the first two books in the series would look like this. I am going to try to make them small so I can show them to you next to one another:

I can’t quite get them to be the same size, but I hope you get the idea.

So, what do you think? I worked hard on this painting, and I really like it, but I can always re-do it. Some day. Should I use a restricted palette like I did for The Long Guest? Maybe mostly greys as TLG was mostly reds?

7 thoughts on “How Strange Was It?

  1. ahester1

    I really like the third version too! The lighting on the characters looks great. I like the color palette you used and the white mountains in the background. It was a good idea to move the perspective further away so the color in the pool, which granted, is less than in the other painting, looks more natural and recognizable.
    I’m so glad you’re numbering the books in the series. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to become sort of a detective trying to find out what other books were in a series and their order. My only negative comment is that your name is hard to read at the bottom, when it goes into the red background.

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