The Most Unkindest Cut of All

“Maybe you’re right,” [said the main character]. “Sometimes I feel like I’m living out some demented writer’s attempt to package his pet philosophy in an outrageous sci-fi novel filled with contrived, unrealistic events, bad dialogue, and flat characters who use far too many vocabulary words. Have you ever felt that suspicion?”

The Author’s face twitched a little. He seemed a bit put off by the comment.

The Resolve of Immortal Flesh, by Rich Colburn, p. 52

6 thoughts on “The Most Unkindest Cut of All

  1. This is hilarious XD Preachy novels aren’t fun
    If you had said fantasy novel, I’d have thought this was a shot at Terry Goodkind 😛 (Although I actually kind of like his stuff…I think I’m the only one)

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    1. Just looked up Terry Goodkind and wow! does he have a LOT of books! I have never read him.
      I think Colburn is taking a shot at himself, here. Technically it’s an accurate description, but his “pet philosophy” is so entertaining and complicated, and as you can see the novel is so self-aware, that it doesn’t read preachy.


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