19 thoughts on “Yet Another Fabulous Food Eaten by Ancient People

    1. Tom, I love it! Both the pun and the suggestion. I’d think a 100-lb chunk of Bog Butter would keep a resto going for a good while, considering that most patrons would only eat a teaspoon.


    1. I like bogs too! At least in theory. Don’t think they’d be enjoyable places to live IRL.

      Short list of Things Founds in Bogs: 1) mysterious lights 2) ghosts 3) surprisingly well-preserved bodies, and now, 4) butter.

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      1. Benjamin Ledford

        Did you hear about the pig they found preserved in a hollow tree trunk in a peat bog in Scotland? It was near the surface but they didn’t see it for a long time because there’s always so much mist obscuring it. They called it the fog bog log hog.

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