UFO Footage Declassified, Produces Yawns

So, a few weeks ago, the U.S. Navy declassified some videos of their pilots observing unidentified flying objects.

‘UFO’ videos declassified by U.S. Navy

As one of my favorite misanthropic commentators observed, you would think that these videos would be met with mass hysteria and excitement. But, as it turns out, everyone is so occupied with … (no politics on the blog!) … with … with … the latest dumb thing, that these videos sank in the sea of the Internet leaving barely a ripple.

Actually, I think probably the reason no one is making a big deal about these UFOs is that most people don’t think it’s likely they were being driven by aliens. In the movies, the release of videos like this would constitute “proof” and everyone would be quickly convinced of the existence of aliens based on them and we would scramble to get a rudimentary alien defense/communication team up and running. In real life, “proof” does not convince people of anything they don’t find inherently plausible. C.f. my post on Occam’s Razor.

I have heard firsthand stories of people seeing mysterious lights up close. (I guess the stories were secondhand by the time I heard them.) I believe the people when they tell me they saw the lights, but I don’t think the event explains itself. When it happens in the U.S., it gets interpreted as angels or aliens. When it happens in Southeast Asia, it is of course the scary ball-of-light spirit.

What would it take to convince me that aliens exist? I think it would have be an actual invasion … not a mere landing, but an event that lasted many years and permanently changed Earth culture in ways that affected the lives of everyone. In other words, multiple, convincing proofs, that had ongoing effects which translated into firsthand experience.

What would it take to convince you?

6 thoughts on “UFO Footage Declassified, Produces Yawns

  1. Em @ The Geeky Jock

    Hmm … That’s a good question.

    Do I believe aliens exist? Yes. Definitely. The universe is too big and too wonderful for life NOT to exist somewhere else out there.

    Do I believe little green men in flying saucers are visiting us / have taken an interest in cattle? Er … Well, give me the ship and biological evidence. Give me the official government report / transcript of contact being made. Give me the cool nano-tech.

    Now, if you want to get into ghosts … I’ve seen a ghost TWICE. (No substances involved! – once on a high school band trip, once at work.) So, yeah. Very down with that.

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    1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your ghost stories … or, at least, alluding to them.

      I’m not opposed to the idea of life existing somewhere in the universe, but I do think we’ve disproved the picture of a universe where every planet is bursting with life the way Earth is. Which was, of course, the fun picture.

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      1. Em @ The Geeky Jock

        Ha ha, we’ll save the ghost stories for Hallowe’en! 🙂

        Well, at the very least, aliens make good summer movie blockbusters! 😉 I’m happy with them being that!

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