Kachina Bridge Series

Kachina Bridge is huge natural stone bridge located in southern Utah. It has petroglyphs dibbled onto it. I was able to visit it last November, took a million pictures, fell in love. Here are some views of it from the back.

The photograph. The stripes are water/mineral staining.
First painting of it
Second painting of it, done on a smaller canvas (8×10)

The more vibrant colors in the painting are closer to how I remember it looking real life, especially the warm glow.

Now, zooming out from the arch, let’s go down the path behind it, turn, and look back:

In the upper left corner of this painting, you can see the portion of the arch that the earlier paintings are close-ups of.

Next time: Kachina Bridge from the front!

7 thoughts on “Kachina Bridge Series

    1. Back in the halcyon days when we could all go wherever we wanted, we attended a wedding in Phoenix. As a home schooling mom I had the schedule freedom to turn it into several days down and several days back, stopping at some of the national parks on the way. See my post “Ok, American West, You Win” and “On My Complete Failure to Find the Kachina Bridge Dinosaur.”
      I knew I’d be kicking myself if I passed near Kachina Bridge and didn’t try to see the dinosaur.

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        1. I took photos, partly because of the dinosaur, but they’ve been helpful for the paintings as well. But I don’t consider it cheating working from the photos because I was actually there, and some of them I intentionally framed so as to be painted.


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