Yet More Proof that Ancient People …

… Were not as dumb as modern “smart people” thought.

“This 7,000-year-old well is the oldest wooden structure ever discovered, archaeologists say”

Its design shines a light on technical skill researchers didn’t think Neolithic people possessed.

“The design consists of grooved corner posts with inserted planks. This type of construction reveals advanced technical know-how,” the authors wrote.


6 thoughts on “Yet More Proof that Ancient People …

    1. Ha, yeah, I didn’t set out to become a Neanderthal civil rights advocate, but that’s the way it worked out! And my books aren’t even about Neanderthals (at least not yet!). And there’s more to come … just wait ’til Friday! 😀


  1. thepatriot21

    I’ve never understood the view that the ancient world was unintelligent. Just a brief survey of the archaeological world blows the mind with its wonders.

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    1. I completely agree, and in fact that’s a major theme on this blog.
      That said, all our education is predicated on the assumption that modern people are more advanced than ancient people, so despite myself, discoveries like this continue to surprise me.


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