Special Foods I Have Prepared During Quarantine

  • “sweet” chicken curry (using canned chicken)
  • “chicken noodle soup” using Ramen noodles and canned chicken
  • chocolate chip cookies (3 4 batches!)
  • almond strip cookies (1 batch so far)
  • pies: pumpkin, chocolate pudding, banana pudding
  • brownies
  • lemon poppyseed muffins
  • biscuits (No, not the things the British call biscuits. Those are cookies. I mean those things that are made with flour, shortening, and buttermilk) (Lost count of the number of batches I’ve made. Son keeps requesting them)

Do I detect a theme here? Sounds pretty carb-heavy, no? We even managed to run out of white sugar. But rest easy, because I also made …

  • fridge pickles (to go on frozen hamburgers)
  • Moroccan-style preserved lemons

16 thoughts on “Special Foods I Have Prepared During Quarantine

          1. Definitely not a good time to be an extrovert, a people person or someone who is touch oriented, that is for sure!

            I’m just glad that caffeine is about the strongest drink I take 🙂

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  1. BlackSheep

    Nice menu. We are also eating carb-heavy. Lots of potatoes and rice. Also, a lot of soups. I still think everyone is losing weight because the portions are smaller than usual!

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  2. Beth Carpenter

    Nice! We’ve tried Turkish kofte, pasta Bolognese, beef Burgandy, mushroom risotto, lentil and sausage casserole, and lots of soups. I’ve been wanting to make bread, but all my yeast is dead and the stores are bare of yeast, flour, and dried beans. We’ll all be chefs before this is done.

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