Department of Redundancy Department

Arthur [the android] shoves me into the crevice and begins raking dirt and snow over me. He tears off a piece of his shirt and I close my eyes as he lays it over my face. The damp soil and ice fall upon me. I feel like a man being buried alive.

The Lost Colony, by A.G. Riddle, p. 74

Um, James … you are a man being buried alive.

12 thoughts on “Department of Redundancy Department

      1. Heh heh. You know, that might honestly be the case? I wouldn’t be surprised, there are ways to manipulate the system. πŸ˜‰ If you sell two books, one in Japan and one in the US and that gets you to the top of an obscure Amazon category for a day, well, there you go–you, too, can be an international best seller! πŸ˜€

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        1. Wow, I never thought of that. I figured perhaps it did actually sell pretty well. After all, the title got me to check it out of the library, and the premise kept me reading past quite a few obvious similes before I finally DNF’d.


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