9 thoughts on ““Look! Something Distracting!”

  1. brockbuildersteel

    Don’t hate me for saying this, but I and my wife have the same ‘Sorel’ brand Snow Boots. The another huge give away, is that a Sasquatch has a far longer forearm length making the arms hang much longer. the Stride of the creature is also huge, far beyond the strides of a human. There is a recent Cell phone image of a Sasquatch it was taken by a couple of deer hunters in the Warm Lake Idaho region. Due east from Baker City, Oregon The deer hunter heard a scream (yes deer scream when they are being murdered) and then upon scanning the mountain side he saw a huge humanoid figure with a deer carcass over its shoulder, he took a snap with his cell phone and captured the creature and the deer both. His cell lens has a crack but you can tell its what it is. I have been researching Sasquatch and Dogman encounters for many years now. One thing that I have learned is that the Federal and State governments and agencies have a smear campaign against the creature going public. This is an image taking upon a WSDOT live feed camera for weather conditions on Sherman Pass, Washington. You’ll never see any legitimate Sasquatch, Dogman, Skree (Mothman) images on a State department Live feed or Mountain pass highway weather cam.

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    1. Ha ha, why would I hate you? I do think there is some good evidence for Bigfoot, but I’m not committed to this picture being authentic. I just posted it cause I thought it was interesting. I am impressed that you can see boots in it. I certainly can’t.

      I don’t know the area in the photograph well enough to get any idea of scale and whether the image in the photo is closer to human or to Bigfoot height. Anyway, in this era of photoshop and deep fakes, any image or video at all can be faked. I do think it’s funny that one person dismisses it as the shadow of the tree trunk. Whatever else it is, it certainly doesn’t look like that.

      I do agree with you that besides not wanting to look like conspiracists, both local government and probably logging companies would have plenty of reasons not to want there to be a large primate living in their state. It would be probably be an endangered species, which would immediately cause them a ton of hassle. About whether a legit image made it onto the State live feed, I don’t know. Rogue employee? Joke? Human incompetence?

      If you have a blog about your research, give us the link!

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  2. brockbuildersteel

    I am wondering here if our (Mine and your eye see differently as my eyes do see the boots to be brown, the jeans blue and a black or much darker charcoal. Yep I am sure of it, the image which I am looking at here, has a brown, royal blue and cranberry mid – tones mixed with gray tones. Nope, I only had my off the internet data base left, and a huge percentage of my work, was wiped out, in a transfer from Win 7 to Win 10. from a Jump stick drive to Win 7, Office Word. and my stuff went to the either. The same mass data losses happened to my music files and it happened to other PC owners. Its why I will not trust sending music and word files to ‘The Cloud’. Thanks.

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