Aha! I Knew It, Part III

The more ideological a psychological or sociological study, the less likely it is to be replicable.

That’s common sense, but it’s nice that someone has written an article documenting the proof of it. Of course, the concept “ideological” is itself a relative one. Ideologues can’t see their own precommitment and would just call it common sense. So keep that in mind.

Now, here’s another article by the same author …

The go-to test for measuring implicit bias (based on reaction times in milliseconds) doesn’t actually predict biased behavior and probably isn’t even measuring what it claims to measure.

This feels like a vindication. One of my major reasons for distrusting psychological and sociological studies is that they claim to be able to scientifically prove to the victim … I mean research subject … that he or she “has” something like unconscious racism. And because it’s unconscious and has been scientifically proven, there’s no way to refute it. Denying it is further evidence that the claims are true. This kind of reasoning goes all the way back to Freud.

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4 thoughts on “Aha! I Knew It, Part III

  1. Completely common sense, but a relief to hear all the same! The funny thing is, with regards to implicit bias training, I’ve seen so many articles debunking it (many saying it makes people more biased in the short term, which, go figure makes sense if you’re not thinking something and someone tells you not to think about it, you’ll *definitely* end up thinking about it- like I’m going to say “don’t think about bananas” and you’re gonna be thinking about bananas πŸ˜‰ )

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    1. Great. Now I’m thinking about bananas.

      I agree. and I also think it makes people defensive. It’s as if the existence of bias in everyone is an article of faith, and we are going to find it, even if we have to redefine it, even if we have to elicit it.

      Off to make some banana bread …

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