A Song for and by Depressed Men

If you have ever lived with a depressed man, you know this is what they can sound like:

“I’m scared if I open myself to be known

“I’ll be seen and despised and be left all alone

“So I’m stuck in this tomb and You won’t move the stone

“And the rain keeps fallin’ down …”

The minor, monotonous melody perfectly matches the content.

But then …

“My daughter and I put the seeds in the dirt

“And every day now we’ve been watching the earth

“For a sign that this death will give way to a birth

“And the rain keeps fallin’ …

“Down on the soil where the sorrow is laid,

“And the secret of life is igniting the grave,

“And I’m dyin’ to live but I’m learning to wait,

“And the rain is fallin’ down.”

And the rain, which at the beginning of the song was just relentless and chilling, is now something that might be giving life.

This song is a work of art.

One thought on “A Song for and by Depressed Men

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