That One Song

You know the one. The one that really does something for you.

When I was about twelve, I heard that one song on the radio. While it was playing, I felt as if I was living inside a myth. All the ordinary, banal things in the world around me were transformed into things of beauty and significance. Everything about the song helped this effect – the content, the poetry, the melody, the harmony, the way all these elements worked perfectly together.

Several minutes later, the radio station played their phone number. I immediately called them.

“What was that song you played a few minutes ago?”

“What did it sound like?” they said.

But the song had completely gone out of my head. I could not remember one single musical phrase or even one single word of it.

I laughed at myself, apologized, and hung up.

The song was this:

9 thoughts on “That One Song

  1. Music isn’t a big thing for me, but probably the one pop song I’ve heard over the decades that has stuck with me is Dido’s White Flag. Other than that, most of the music I listen to is Enya or Amethystium or things that sound a lot like them πŸ™‚

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      1. I think my thing with White Flag had more to do with my circumstances at the time I first heard it than anything. While my circumstances have changed (for the better), I still remember my old circumstances…


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